Second Announcement

The 3rd IEEE European Workshop on Computer-Intensive Methods
in Control and Data Processing
Can We Beat the Curse of Dimensionality?
September 7-9, 1998
Prague, Czech Republic

List of invited speakers available.
Registration :
The participants registration will be on Monday, September 7, 7.30 - 8.45 and Sunday, September 6, 16.00 - 18.00.

The location of some hotel nearby the conference location
Please note, that you can easily change the magnification and the resolution of following maps. If you cannot find your hotel here, you are looking for any other location in Prague or simple have troubles using these maps, feel free to email me.

The dormitory (students hostel), Patkova, Prague 8
(access by public city transport: take metro to the station NADRAZI HOLESOVICE (line C), the the bus 112 for 2 stops - the name of the stop is PELC-TYROLKA, you'll see 2 grey tall buildinds nearby - this is the dormitory)
Hotel Excellent, Libeznicka 19, Prague 8
Hotel Jerabek, Primatorska 4, Prague 8
Hotel Libuse, Pod Vlachovkou 20, Prague 8

All participants and guests can find more information about the workshop in the postscript version of the second announcement. Unlike this web version it contains the information about the accomodation.

The final worshop program is also available in postscript version.

older notes

Please, note this date !
The information about fees and money transfer can be found here .


K. Warwick UK - Chairman 
P. Antsaklis USA  P. C. Kainen USA 
D. Atherton UK  M. Karny CZE 
J. Holst SWE  R. Kulhavy CZE 
W. L. Buntine USA  V. Kurkova USA 
J. M. Bernardo ESP  F. Lewis USA 
G. Cybenko USA  J. S. Liu USA 
L. Chisci ITA  L. Ljung SWE 
R. Jirousek CZE  J. G. McWhirterUK 
C. J. Geyer USA  V. MehrmannGER 
K. M. Hangos HUN  M. Vidyasagar IND 
J. J. Hench USA  E. RogersUK 
P. J. Huber GER  J. Rust USA 
B. Stilman USA 


M. Karny - Chairman 
K. Hlavackova  J. Kadlec 
M. Valeckova  J. Schier 
P. Nedoma  J. Rojicek 


M. Karny
IEEE Workshop CMP'98
Institute of Information Theory and Automation
P.O. Box 18, 182 08 Prague, Czech Republic
Tel: +420-2-688 3421, Fax: +420-2-688 4903


K. Warwick
IEEE Workshop CMP'98
Department of Cybernetics
P.O. Box 225, Whiteknights
Reading RG6 2AY, Berkshire, UK
Tel: +44-1189-318210, Fax: +44-1189-318220


Quantitative analysis in functional scintigraphic imaging (Prague, Czech Republic)
3rd Portuguese Conference on Automatic Control (Coimbra, Portugal)

The 3rd IEEE European Workshop on Computer-Intensive Methods in Control and Data Processing
Can We Beat the Curse of Dimensionality?
September 7-9, 1998
Prague, Czech Republic
Organized by
Institute of Information Theory and Automation
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
School of Engineering
Information Sciences
University of Reading, UK
Participating Society
IEEE Control Systems Society

The aim of this IEEE Workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in academia, government and industry. Particular emphasis is placed on the `curse of dimensionality', i.e. the extreme dimensionality of computations connected with implementation of theoretically optimal mathematical procedures of inference and decision-making.



The extreme dimensionality of computations required by theoretically optimal mathematical procedures of inference and decision-making is a serious obstacle in a variety of fields such as control, data engineering, signal processing, image reconstruction, pattern recognition, nonparametric estimation, expert systems, etc. The `curse of dimensionality' has often been cured by just ad hoc simplifications at the cost of losing a lot from the theoretical properties of the optimal solution. Recent progress in attacking high-dimensional problems in the above mentioned fields makes it possible to think of picking up widely applicable principles and methods of handling or at least approaching the problem. The key idea of the Workshop is that the problem is common to a number of different disciplines such as control theory, mathematical statistics, system identification, information theory, statistical mechanics, data engineering (to name but a few), and that we can and should learn from each other. Because of a strongly inter-disciplinary character of the Workshop, we plan to give a considerable space to invited lectures by leading specialists in various fields. The Workshop will further include several sessions of contributed papers, poster sessions and computer demonstrations.

 Topics relevant to the Workshop include:


The Workshop CMP'98 will be held at the Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Prague. The Institute is situated in the northern part of the city.
Some information about Prague and the Czech Republic
Prague on CTU server
Prague on EUNET with many pictures
Prague Info at SunSITE
and for the rest of the Czech Republic: Yellow tour

The Czech Republic is a country renowned for its great cultural past, for numerous historic monuments and for its topical present. Its capital Prague is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe: come and see.


The registration fee is 350 Swiss francs. A reduced fee of 200 Swiss francs applies to students.

The recommended way for money transfer is the direct bank transfer:
(for other possibilities ask at

Account Number:  6015-1726-081/0100 VS 070998
Name of Company: Ustav teorie informace a automatizace
                               Pod vodarenskou vezi 4
                               Prague 8
Bank Number & Address: Komercni banka - Pobocka Praha 8
                                         Podvinny mlyn 2, 180 41 Praha 8
                                         Czech Republic.


The working language of the Workshop is English.


Related hardware and software will be demonstrated during the Workshop. This will appear as part of the poster session. The exhibition and software presentation will be free to participants.



All papers accepted for the Workshop will appear in the Workshop preprints. Top publishers of the Workshop proceedings are being approached (we were successful in past).

The 3rd IEEE Workshop on


Prague, September 7-9, 1998
Family Name, Initials : .....................
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Tel: ................................................
Fax: ...............................................
I wish to offer a contribution or demonstration provisionally entitled:

 I am interested in the Workshop and wish to receive further details when available.

Signature: .................

Mail to address:

 M. Karny
IEEE European Workshop CMP'98
Institute of Information Theory and Automation
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
P.O. Box 18
182 08 Prague
Czech Republic


Older notes:
1.4.1998 :
The detailed information about the workshop for paper authors has been mailed (26.3.1998)
At this
ftp site you can find all necessary information about the required article style in LaTeX. The final version should not exceed 12 pages for invited papers and 6 pages for regular papers and posters in this style. If you feel it too restrictive, please feel free to contact me .

Any comment, criticism or question may be sent to